We’re a small organic farm located adjacent to the St. Mark’s Wildlife Refuge in beautiful Wakulla County Florida. Our closest neighbors are a community of Gopher tortoises, white-tail deer, black bear, and wild turkeys. Sopchoppy, our closest town is an hour southwest of Tallahassee. We are breeders of the wonderful, small breed of dairy goats called Dwarf Nigerian after their West African ancestors. Unlike their larger dairy goat cousins, the Nigerians are the perfect size and temperament for life on the small family homestead. The milk is rich without any “goaty” taste and has been scientifically proven to be more healthy than milk from cows. We use our milk raw for refreshing drinks, tasty yogurt, and cheeses. This retains the important probiotics and enzymes that are so important to good nutrition. Whether for pets, dairy, or general brush clearing around the farm, these delightful companions adapt well to any loving environment that includes dry, draft free shelter, high quality feed and forage and attention from people and other goats. They are extremely social, easily trained and offer hours of quality entertainment. They are healthy and require a minimum of simple vaccines on an annual basis.

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